We are BLN brands

Our purpose is to create value with our partners, managing their brands as it they were managing them themselves, to maximize their performance in Mexico.

BLN Brands

A 75-years-old

The only family business 100% Mexican company in the top ten wine and spirits companies.

A team of 230 employees

With International
capabilities and local expertise

An unparalleled portfolio

Of the most renowned
global brands

The only

Pure distribution player

The Top #4 actor

In the industry with
200 million USD+
retail sales value

SOCD Methodology

We design and run our own
methodology: Selective
Omni-Channel Distribution

A unique set of long-standing partners.

Pixki Kalis, in nahuatl means “Guardián de las casas” or “Custodian of the Houses”

Pixki Kalis symbolizes the protective and engaging spirit with which we care for our brands within the concept of “The House of Houses”. It is expressed in the form of an alebrije, a Mexican folk art sculpture of fantastical creatures. Pixki Kalis is made up of several animals and characteristics. The jaguar, which represents courage and power. The horns of a Mexican deer, which symbolize perseverance, compassion, and empathy. Pixki Kalis has the wings of an eagle, a symbol of power and speed. Its legs are from the Xoloescuincle, which represents loyalty and camaraderie. Its serpent tail represents agility and wisdom.

All these values, attitudes, and commitments are part of the company and team DNA, making us a solid and leading partner in caring for and developing our brands in Mexico.